Jon Kiefner

Jon Kieffner
as Nik Wayland

A graduate of Indiana University, Jon double-majored in Theatre & Drama and Telecommunications.  He is currently in his third year of participation with the improvisational comedy group Pumpernickel. 

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Jon Kieffner and another member
of the Pumpernickel comedy troop.

In high school, Jon appeared in stage productions of Grease, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Annie Get Your Gun.

In 1995 he began his continuing involvement with the Actors Community Theatre in Jasper, Indiana, where he was cast in productions of The Music Man, Annie Warbucks, Li'l Abner, and Oliver!.

DarWest is Jon's first voice-over role for a feature-length motion picture.


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Janell Cox
as Ellen Reidhar

Gretchen S. Hall

Gretchen Hall
as Tia Cavner

Mari Marroquin

Mari Marroquin
as Lillyth DeVries

Nile Arena
as Young Nik

In only three years, and at eleven years of age, Nile has already appeared in numerous stage productions, including Twelfth Night, Henry V, The Twelve Labors of Heracles and Ebenezer.  Nile has benefitted from two sessions of Children's Imagination Theatre class and three summers of theatre camp, both at the John Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington, Indiana.  In addition, Nile has studied Shakespearean theatre at Indiana University. 

In 1998, Nile's original script for Superman's Final Stand was performed at Harmony School in Bloomington, where two years earlier he played the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


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David Berman
as Ti'Chet Agonni

A double-major in Telecommunications and Communications & Culture at Indiana University, David joined the cast of DarWest after roles in The House that Jack Built and Curtains,  two productions of  IU's Mystery Dinner Theatre.

David started acting at the age of nine, appearing in several plays at his local community center.  He continued his theatrical experience into high school with roles in Grease, Voices from the High School, I Remember Mama, 12 Angry Men, West Side Story and The Sound of Music

He will soon be seen in Portrait of a Jew for the Hebrew University Jewish Theatre Group.


Taryn Chaifetz
as Isabeau Wayland


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Ben Cohen
as Ren Canerday


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Michael David
as The Ranine Councilman, Sidig Nash, Graeme Griffin

After spending countless hours entertaining friends  with his one-of-a-kind wit, Michael felt it was  time to reconsider dramatic expression. At age twelve he was involved in a less than enjoyable  gifted & talented acting course and rapidly turned his attention to comedy, logging three years with an improvisation group. 

Michael makes his voice-over debut with DarWest, in which he performs no less than three different characters.

Michael is currently  "getting back in touch with nature and doing plenty of bicycle riding." 


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Juliet Eichberg
as Kiran Mirojnick


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Ken Elliott
as Terrance Wayland


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Claire Engel
as Shangon

After attending the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, Claire received her BA degree at Occidental College in Los Angeles, where she appeared in productions of Into the Woods, Love of the Nightingale, and Cabaret.

To earn her MFA, Claire chose to enroll at Indiana University, where she appeared in mainstage productions of All's Well That Ends Well, Trojan Women, Hurlyburly, Sight Unseen, and Tartuffe.

She has also appeared in university productions of  Eleemosynary and Henceforward.

Claire now lives and performs in New York.


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Eric Engleman
as Basil Marquan


Thomas Holicky
as The Plu'an Councilman and Antoine Tannen


Matthew McDaniel
miscellaneous characters


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John McGuire
as Ian Brenneman


Jeff Miller
miscellaneous characters


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Christopher Mills
as Linaat Antoor and Gant Haverstick

Before beginning his education at Indiana University's school of Theatre & Drama, Christopher had already taken to the stage in high school productions of West Side Story and The Office.

On the university level, Christopher has appeared in productions of The Winter's Tale, The Actor's Nightmare, The Taming of the Shrew and Anythynge You Want To.

In addition to his experience on stage, Christopher has also appeared in commercials and public service announcements for television. He has also appeared in the pilot of IU's sketch comedy television show, Dorm Life.


Hele Rose
as Nadia


DeJohn Rose
as Jude


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David Walter
as Commander Ty Bardsley


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Emily Zoss
as Captain Rachel Marquan


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