Dan Dixon
Producer / Technical Director

Dan Dixon's interest in filmmaking began in high school, where he wrote, shot and acted in many video presentations.  The culmination of his efforts was a video parody of The Fugitive entitled The Running-Away Guy, which he produced, co-directed, and edited.  In addition to his video work, he also served as sound designer for his school's theatrical production of Screwtape.

Mr. Dixon began his college education as a psychology major at Purdue University, where he formed the nation's first college chapter of the Reform party.  In 1996 he successfully spearheaded the chapter's efforts to bring presidential candidate Ross Perot before a crowd of 5000 on the university campus.

In 1997, Mr. Dixon transferred to Indiana University, where he continues his studies in psychology and has also developed a concentration in studio art.  His experience in musical composition afforded him the opportunity to write original music for IU's theatrical production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Mr. Dixon has also assisted in television advertising for Saturn Computers Inc, for whom he also constructed a corporate website.

His interest in computer technology has led to various experiments in computer animation, as well as various computer program simulations, including -- "Planets" (which simulates the gravitational attraction between various bodies of mass) and "Evolve" (which simulates the interactions of organisms within a closed environment).

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